Cooking with Kids

Children don't have to be restricted to making fairy cakes and teddybear sandwiches in the kitchen. With a little guidance children's creative culinary flair can shine, and they will no doubt love their newfound 'adult' tasks! Not only will you be teaching your kids essential life skills (particularly the cake-baking), but you will also be including them in your own day-to-day life, creating a warm space at home as well as wonderful memories.

Don't forget to remind kids to wash their hands before starting to cook – a good habit forming activity! Also if you're worried about spills then you could cover your floor with some old newspaper, and also put aprons on you and your kid(s). Whether you are cooking or washing up (the boring but essential part of the process, which can be made fun with a few bubbles and a rubber duck or two...), the Kitchen Turret is a perfect way to have your children safely raised to a comfortable height. It will make them feel more independent, whilst teaching them some essential culinary skills...

Decorating Food Ideas for Children

Decorating Food Ideas

It sometimes happens that a child doesn't want to eat some food, but if you make a dish in a special way, it will suddenly become exciting and tasty. Another way to attract a child is to cook the dish together: you can ask them to wash vegetables and fruit, cut the dough and made some shapes of it. Children adore bright and unusual tableware, so why not serve the food in one of them?

Here we suggest you some interesting ways of decorating children food, which you can make together with your child every day or for special occasion like a Birthday or Christmas.

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Mini Pizzas Recipe

Recipe: Mini Pizzas

Children love pizza, so why not make it together? Combine playing and learning, involve your and children's imagination and make something funnt and unusual! Here we suggest you very simple recipes of mini-pizzas.

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Baked Stuffed Tomatoes

Recipe: Baked Tomatoes Stuffed with Tuna and Rice

It's a very cheap and eye-catching dish. You can ask your children to help you swipe cut ingredients from a chopping board and assort into different bowls. The most interesting task for them will be filling the tomatoes (you may use an ice cream scoop for this purpose).

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Banana Cupcakes

Recipe: Banana Cupcakes

Children of all ages adore stirring-up the batter! To prevent ingredients from spilling on the countertop, give your child an extra large mixing bowl. Put a wet cloth under a bowl to keep it from slipping. Premeasure some of the ingredients, so children can start mixing quickly.

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Cooking with children

Activities in the Kitchen (1.5-5+ years old)

Kitchen could be a good area for playing and learning, there are so many things children can do! Don't be afraid to involve them in different activities, at least let them observe how you cook.

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