Our Products

There's no one thing we look for when selecting products. Sometimes we know instantly, other times the process requires more thought. Always we're on the lookout for utility, innovation, quality and beauty. We seek products in line with our thinking. Particularly, we value things which save time and organise space.

We support creativity or a way of looking at things differently. We reward designers, manufacturers and companies with the creativity that demonstrates an independent spirit. We appreciate history and heritage, traditions of making.

We've always been believers in investing in quality. Quality is both long-lasting and an inestimable pleasure. You know: that feeling you get when a tool does so much more than it needs to, and when it does it with a style that makes you fall a little bit in love.

Value is essential. For each investment, the price must be right. For us there's a lot of sense in that saying 'We are not rich enough to buy cheap things.' Mind you, neither are we rich enough to lose custom to competitors; which means the best prices for you.

However, the very best that we can offer is an attitude towards the products we sell and the things you own. We say, care for what you own but don't worry. Don't buy what you can't afford. Recycle. Sell on. Remember: the craving for more makes less of what you have. Some of the best that's been achieved came from the drive for perfection.

You can download the Catalogue of our own brands.