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Recipe: Mini Pizzas

Mini Pizzas Recipe

Children love pizza, so why not make it together? Combine playing and learning, involve your and children's imagination and make something funnt and unusual! Here we suggest you very simple recipes of mini-pizzas.

You'll need:

  • Ready Yeast puff pastry or Pizza Dough (1 pack - 500 grams);
  • Hard Cheese (100 grams);
  • Ham;
  • Salami;
  • Champignons;
  • Ketchup;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Sweet red pepper;
  • Black olives;

1. Defrost the pastry (if you bought it frozen), roll it out and cut into 2 equal parts.

2. Cut each part into 8 equal circles.

3. Put the ingredients to make funny faces, animals, games, etc. For example:

Make a bear/cat:

  • Make "ears" from the dough;
  • Spread the ketchup over the pastry circle;
  • Cover with grated cheese;
  • Use olives to make eyes and a nose, and sweet pepper to make a mouth;

Mini Pizzas Bear

Make a mummy:

  • Don't cover the dough with anything like ketchup or cover it with mayonnaise;
  • Put some champignons;
  • Cut the ham and cheese into long stripes and put them to make bandages across the mummy's face;
  • Use olives as eyes;

Mini Pizzas Mummy

Make Spiders:

  • Spread the ketchup over the pastry circle;
  • Cut ham, champignons and cheese into small squares and put on the pizza;
  • Cover pizza with slices of cheese;
  • Make spiders from olives: half of the olives to make bodies, a quarter to make a head and semicircles to make legs;

Mini Pizzas Spiders

Make Noughts and Сrosses:

  • Cover the dough with mayonnaise or don't cover with anything;
  • Put cut champignons and grated cheese;
  • Use ham stripes to make a grid, olive circles to make noughts and sweet pepper to make crosses;

Mini Pizzas Tic Tac Toe

Make an American Football:

  • Shape the circle into a prolonged shape of an American Football;
  • Spread the ketchup over the pastry;
  • Put salami circles (or Minced meat) over the pizza and make stripes with cheese;

Mini Pizzas Tic Tac Toe