The Online Department Store

The Basics

If you're in any doubt as to why we're here or what we believe, check out our reason to be.

We're building an online store that puts technological function and human convenience next to beautiful everyday items. We specialise in things for the home.

We have one store, that's easy to navigate, and you're here already. Delivery is only a couple of clicks away.
You may know what you want. Perhaps you're here for a browse. Either way, we should be able to help.

Our products are grouped according to their context or function, and you can see the groupings on the home page. There's nothing too complicated there.


Something Simple

What we need to communicate is something simple: we're not just middle men and middle women. When you search our site, you search the world, because we hunt far and wide for the best. And we always make sure you're not faced with the challenge of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

No. By discriminating between products, we make your shopping experience effective.

We give you the convenience and affordability of internet shopping, while we combat its downsides: we have fantastic information about our products, including video, and a quibble-free returns policy in case it doesn't work out. But we also have more. We practice the age-old art of curation.



Of course there's an art to curation! In fact, art might be all that it is. While we hope that we're able to cater for different tastes, we do not simply sell everything. Sure' inevitably there will be some short-fall. Many things you won't find here; but we've arrived at a point where we don't want everything. What's it all for, anyway?

There's finite space and finite resources both in this world and your home, so we'll include only the things we think matter. Curation may have disappeared in the age of monopoly capitalism, but we're bringing it back. We're bringing our brand of specialism to each computer screen of every person who's interested.



We're new here, so come say hi. If you have recommendations or feedback, just drop them in an email here. We really appreciate your thoughts and we're ready to take on your ideas. If it's good, you could see a change to our site, and we'll be sure to show our appreciation.