For Parents and Kids

Modeling with kids

Modeling helps children discover basic forms and how how to make them. This multi-sensory experience develops hand-brain coordination, fine motor skills, agility, creativity and longer attention spans.

Moreover, using this primal mode of expression and communication through touching children learn to understand the very boundaries of themselves.

This activity requires body movements, so it is great for children’s fine motor and large muscle coordination (as the clay is solid and gives a lot of resistance). The children use all of their muscles in order to do what they want. Pinching and rolling maneuvers exercise their fine motor control.

Modeling can also be a calming activity for children since squeezing and pounding the clay allows them to release aggressive feelings they may have. They can press and pound, knead and pinch and even dramatise scenarios.

By the way, the children like feeling the mushy clay and it allows them to be messy and dirty in an accepted way.

Basic Shapes

For a start, teach children to form basic shapes: ball shape, an egg shape, a sausage, a snake, a pancake, a ribbon and a volcano.

Making an Owl

  • 1. Make a ball;
  • 2. Tap the ball to make flat circle;
  • 3. Use a marker cap to make owl's feathers;
  • 4. Fold the sides in to make wings;
  • 5. Then fold the top down - to make a head and ears;
  • 6. A marker cap will help you to make owl's eyes;
  • 7. A butter knife will help you to make a beak;