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Construction Centre - Activity Table and Toy Organiser
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  • The Kid's Construction & Activity Table is a perfect piece for the playroom. It gives kids a space on which to play and develop their creativity and logic.

    Play Area

    This play table is designed to help children organize their toys as well as have fun. It gives kids a space on which to develop their creativity and logic through playing with construction sets like Lego.

    • There are numerous containers for keeping various bits and pieces, preventing items going astray.

    • It teaches children to organise their playing area and keep everything tidy. We all know that children don't like to tidy up, so it might help to turn this process into a game.

    • Every activity table has a lot of toys around. So we provide you a great toy storage idea: putting everything into separate compartments will hopefully prevent the irritation of having small pieces lying around all over the room and hidden in unexpected places.

    • Losing bricks bit by bit is frustrating because the relatively expensive sets become incomplete and slowly redundant. No mess means no stray pieces.

    Benefits of mock-constructing

    Finally, play table with construction sets is good in many ways:

    • It develops fine motor skills and spatial awareness;

    • It teaches children to follow instructions and carry out a task;

    • It helps to prevent dyslexia in early stages;

    • It improves children's concentration, observation, attentiveness and diligence;

    • It helps children cooperate and work in a team if this is group activity;

    • It helps to develop imagination;

    • It develops creative problem solving when building does not go according to plan;

    • It leads to improvements in maths;

    • It teaches discipline.

    Construction Centre, Children Activity Table
    The surface of the play table is flat so you can place there any construction sets, railways, toys, etc.
    Construction Centre, Blackboard table
    Moreover, it is covered with a blackboard where kids can draw with a chalk rivers, roads and everything necessary for their game.
    You can hang planes, planets, stars, birds and anything else, so that kids can organise their game in 3d space.
    Construction Centre, Drawers & Containers
    Brilliant, clutter-free solution and toy storage organiser for young architects: the play table is equipped with 2 chests of drawers with 3 big drawers on each side.
    Construction Centre, Drawers & Containers
    The drawers have containers of different sizes (containers are included), which will teach kids to sort out different parts and gaming accessories.
    The drawers slide noiselessly and easily for a small child.
    Construction Centre, Drawer
    One drawer can store larger items, construction schemes, books, colouring books, toys, etc.
    Construction Centre, Drawer with Badges
    The drawers have silver-coloured knobs and badges, where your kids and you can put pieces of paper with the name of the contents on the drawer.
    This is how the room looked before organising all of the sets and bricks and putting them in the table. Not ideal.
    Children Bamboo Furniture
    The Construction Centre is made of natural bamboo material, which gives the table a great appearance, to be enjoyed by both kids and adults! As with all our products, this bamboo has been specially varnished to protect against water and to make cleaning easy.
    Children Activity Table without Top Construction
    The top construction can be taken away and you can use it just like a table.
    You can easily move on wheels this activity table against the wall to save space in the room. You may also take the chest of drawers away, so that they won't be blocked.
    All drawers can be taken away and the lower surface can be used for games too (for example, for creating an underground land). It's also covered with blackboard for painting.
    Construction Centre, Chest of Drawers
    3 drawers on each side are actually 2 chests of drawers; they can be taken away and used separately.
    Construction Centre, Chest of Drawers
    Additional legs are included which can be attached to each of the chests so you can raise them off the ground.
    The chests can be put one on another and used like this.
    Construction Centre, Lamps
    Special construction of bars can be used to attach lamps to provide subtle lighting perfect for a children's play area.
    Construction Centre, Lamp
    2 LED lamps are included:
    - soft lamp arm - bend at any side (360 degrees adjustable);
    - have special clips;
    - bulbs included, 20000 hours durable;
    - eye protective: colour temperature 5500-6000K;
    - energy saving;
    - super bright input power 12 V
    This activity table has swivel wheels, which means the whole play set can be easily moved. They also have stoppers to fix the table sturdily in place.
    Construction Centre, Children's Activity Table
    Play table - assembly required. Chests of drawers are assembled.
    ATTENTION! Every piece of furniture MUST be properly secured to a wall with furniture securing straps, studs or toggle bolts (not included). Be aware that 3 children every hour, or 71 children are injured every day by falling furniture, and a child dies every two weeks from a furniture tip-over!
  • Customer Reviews

    mrs elaine meldrum
    26 Jan 2015
    The playtable is absolutely amazing. I am a childminder and between me and the children we have already decided it is going to be a stage for shows, a space-ship and a cave (We're going on a Bear Hunt), aswell as the practical uses. The product is superbly maufactured, came brilliantly packaged and took no time at all to construct. The only critism, if any, is that maybe your designers could come up with some type of lighting rig that doesn't need plugging into a wall socket - i.e. maybe a battery unit could be fitted inside one of the top drawers to which lights could be plugged. the main reason for this is that having it plugged into a wall socket obviously then makes it less moveable during use. Otherwise- FANTASTIC!!
  • Construction Centre, Children's Play Table
    Construction Centre, Drawers
    Construction Centre, Chest of Drawers
    Construction Centre, Swivel Wheels
    Construction Centre, Containers
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only 0 available!