Wine Racks

Wine racks will help you to store your wine bottles and glasses in a right way. Have you ever thought why almost all restaurants favour stacking wine glasses face down? It's a very hygienic way as thus they are protected from dust and other nasty bits. And it's very important to store glasses outside of cardboard boxes they come in, as they can start to smell like the cardboard box.

Have you noticed that all wine racks suggest storing bottles horizontally or angularly and never vertically? It's due to the fact that the cork is an elastic substance and will dry out over time unless kept in contact with the liquid. If stored upright, you will risk excess evaporation through the dry cork’s porous fibres. Moreover, you may also find that the cork will split when you attempt to remove it years down the road.

Here we selected bamboo wine racks for you, which suggest best options of storing wine bottles and glasses and can be hanged onto the wall or placed under the cupbord in your kitchen.