What is TPU?

TPU is a material that is woven from 100% nylon – hopefully that makes it seem a little less frightening by name...

Nylon is a very durable and highly resilient material that is easy to treat (washing, drying etc are very simple), and is hardwearing enough to be used in many military applications. TPU 420D is thus extremely strong, as well as being fireproof, anti-UV and waterproof, and is commonly used in industrial and home textiles, upholstery, tents, military uses, waterproof outdoor gear and even swimwear!

The quality of the nylon means that TPU 420D can be produced with bright and vibrant colours without the risk of fading, bleaching or colour-leaks, so it is works very well in situations where there is no time or space to be precious about textile care. This makes it an ideal and reliable material for hardwearing outdoor gear and bags

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