Small Bathroom Ideas. Part 2

Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas. Part 1

The door:

  • The door should be opened outward, and all elements in bathroom must be placed with regard to their functionality. For example, a sink closer to the bath, a toilet bowl - to the sewer pipe.
  • Ordinary door can be replaced by a sliding one. It will save you much place.

Save the space:

  • Saving space is possible if the sink is hidden in the wall. When needed, you will just slide it out.
  • Don’t clutter your bathroom with bottles and vials. Keep them in a special place, unnoticed at first glance. You can put them into a cabinet or under the sink.
  • Today, there are many options for compact and roomy cabinets, shelves and drawers. They can be placed in niches, under a sink or on the walls.
  • You can resort to using the corner sinks, wash or toilet bowls.
  • As for the washing machine, there can be different variants: usual oneis placing it under a washing-bowl, or a crazy one – fixing it on the wall.