What is PVC?

Don't let the code-like name put you off here – this material may seem scary by title, but it is purely waterproof-friendly by nature. There are two materials that are used in PVC Mesh:

  • PVC film, which is a really versatile plastic that is hardwearing as well as flexible and elastic, and can be used for insulation, outdoor signage, and of course waterproof textiles.
  • The other material is polyester fabric, which is an extremely strong and durable material that is resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking as well as being wrinkle-resistant. Polyester is a 'hydrophobic' material, meaning that it is naturally quick drying, so it can be used for insulation. It also holds its shape really well and is easy to wash and dry, making it an ideal material for outdoor gear.

Because of the PVC film material, PVC Mesh can be produced in bright and vibrant colours that won't fade, and the material itself is really hardwearing and won't rip or tear. The plastic PVC film means that PVC Mesh can be heat-welded together like metal, which will produce items that can be totally waterproof as they won't contain the little holes that stitching would inevitably require. It is also lightweight by nature, anti-UV, and is actually flame- and heat-resistant as well as being a good insulator. PVC Mesh is commonly used in outdoor awning, truck covers, tents, inflatable products, and high quality outdoor gear – you can see that it is pretty heavy-duty stuff!

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