Sharp Edge 5'' Ceramic Utility Knife

Quentons Ceramic Utility Knife
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  • Utility Knife
    The blade is made of ceramic material, which is extremely hard, and can take a finely-honed sharp edge.
    Bamboo Knife
    This minimalist grip handle is made from natural bamboo, providing maximum comfort when using it.
    Vegetable Knife
    Suitable for a wide variety of kitchen work such as cleaning fish, cutting vegetables, fruit and other tasks.
    All-purpose Knife
    Also known as 'sandwich knives', the Utility knife is perfect for cutting vegetables, cheeses, sandwich meats, etc.
    Quentons Knives
    Comes in an elegant Quentons box, making this a perfect culinary gift.
    Ceramic Knife
    Ceramic material itself is zirconium oxide. Such material and appropriate technologies allow to achieve knives with the finest characteristics: hardness, low weight, high durability, stain resistance and chemical inertness. Read about pros & cons
    Ceramic Knives
    Ceramic material is used for making different types of knives: chef, utility, bread, slice and paring.
    Quentons Ceramic Knives
    This knife is the 5'' pointed blade.
    Eco-friendly Ceramic
    Our ceramic products are made from biodegradable and natural materials. We have chosen to sell ceramic knives because we care about the environment and the manufacturing process is less harmful in comparison to other materials.
    Ceramic Knives are Healthy
    Ceramic knives are scientifically proven not to be contaminated by acids, juices, salt or other substances during food preparation. Consequently, the knives will not affect the taste of the food or its healthy properties - an ideal choice for mothers having babies. Strong smells of fish, garlic, onion and etc. are easily washed up with warm water.
    How to handle ceramic knives
    Ceramic knives must be handled with care and stored safely. It means they must be stored separately from other knives or in special knife blocks. Do not use them in cutting hard materials such as frozen food or bones, otherwise they can become blunt or even crack!
    Ceramic Utility Knife
  • Customer Reviews

    06 Jun 2016
    Love this product. Excellent value. It's my favourite knife!
    08 Dec 2015
    Very impressed with the fantastic, quick and very resonable service and products that you offer. Will definitely shop with you again and will recomend to friends and family.
  • Utility Knife
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£14.99 £8.99+ £1.30 UK Delivery
only 0 available!