Waterproof Rucksack 30L

DryBag, Waterproof Rucksack 30L
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  • waterproof rucksack, sport knapsack
    DryBag uses the most up-to-date technology to ensure that your things will stay 100% dry and clean, even if your backpack falls into water.
    waterproof backpack, black travel pack
    The backpacks are made from waterproof PVC 500D, which is also used to make inflatable boats. The material is water repellent so it won't absorb any water and dries really fast. It is extremely easy to clean.
    roll-top waterproof knapsack
    Packs away into a flat and compact size -great for storage when not in use.
    waterproof travel pack, sport backpack
    3D Anatomic Air Mesh in contact points decreases heat built up, increases ventilation and provides bodycontact comfort. Air Cooled Mesh Central channel allows ventilation over spine.
    waterproof rucksack, waterproof seams
    Welded joins ensured waterproof seams. Protects items from rain, snow, dust and dirt.
    roll-top waterproof backpack, black travel pack
    The roll-top can easily be folded down over the strong black strip of rigid tube at the top of the bag, ensuring that your DryBag remains airtight.
    The surface inside of the bag is designed to be easily wiped clean – just wipe its simple lining with a damp cloth (remember that your DryBag only likes to be cleaned by hand!)
    waterproof rucksacks
    Because of its toughness and excellent tear strength it won't rip, and due to its pliability it is supple and therefore comfortable to carry around and seal.
    waterproof travel pack. sport backpack
    Waterproof backpacks are perfect for sea and land – whether you are on a boat, a yacht, a canoe, or are trekking, or spending the day at the beach.
    waterproof backpack, black travel pack
    DryBag, totally waterproof
    The shoulder straps should curve over your shoulder a couple inches before joining the rucksack below the C7 vertebra (where the neck meets the shoulders).
    waterproof rucksack
    The lower buckles of the shoulder harness should be several inches below your arm pit and still have a few inches of webbing to allow for adjustment. A correctly fitted "loaded" rucksack will hug your back, moving easily with you.
  • Customer Reviews

    16 Sep 2015
    bought the 30l and the 92l drybags and I am really happy with them. They arrived really quickly and are well made and exactly what I needed, properly waterproof robust bags. great. thank you
  • waterproof knapsack, roll-top rucksack
    waterproof travel pack, sport backpack
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£35.00 £24.00+ £2.90 UK Delivery
only 0 available!