Cracking Lobster Set

Cracking Lobster Set
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  • Lobster Cracking Set
    Hobo speacializes in manufacturing professional high-strength metal cutting tooling, using high precision processing technology in production. Hobo uses its professional experience to produce consumer goods, such as this Cracking Lobster Set. Each component is crafted out of tool steel with the same accuracy and requirements as demanded for manufacturing of professional cutting equipment.
    Shellfish Cracking Set
    Comes in compact and convenient style bamboo storage box, making this a perfect culinary gift.
    Claw Scissors
    Claw Scissors have sharp tapered blades which allow you to cut through the toughest, thickest shells, whilst their beak-shaped blades let you to pry under the lobster and crab shells to get at meat in the narrower crevices.
    Lobster Pliers
    Shellfish Pliers have a ridged cracker that make it easy to crack legs and claws with a simple squeese of the handles.
    Spring jaw allows Pliers to move smoothly.
    Lobster forks
    The long handles of the lobster forks enable you to get the very last bits of lobster meat out of its shell.
    Scoop Forks
    Scoop end to retrieve morsels from shells.
    Decorative engraving.
    Bamboo storage box
    Bamboo storage box with perfectly crafted slots allow the set to be stored safely.
    Bamboo gift box
    Sturdy brass hinge to withstand everyday wear and tear.
    Bamboo Box
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  • Crab Cracking Set
    Crab Scissors
    Crab Crackers
    Crab Forks
    Bamboo Box
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£0.00+ £2.60 UK Delivery
only 0 available!