Why do we use bamboo?

Bamboo Forest

Why we love bamboo

Everyone is trying to be greener these days. We all know that the planet's in trouble, but it can be difficult to know how to shop responsibly and we're often left feeling helpless. We rely on retailers to provide information about the eco-status of their products, but in reality this rarely happens.

That's why we want to tell you about bamboo. It has an amazing growth-rate. It produces very little waste. It doesn't need herbicides or pesticides or any kind of agricultural chemicals to grow. Eco-friendly doesn't quite cover it. It really is the superhero of woods (or grasses, technically, but more of that later).

We use bamboo in our products as often as we can as a beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to other woods. We've got bamboo bathroom accessories, bathroom sets and other bathroom products, bamboo kitchen accessories, bamboo office equipment, bamboo furniture, bamboo home accessories, the list goes on.

Bamboo products

We're particularly keen on bamboo bathroom products and bamboo kitchen items: because a bamboo bathroom is a natural bathroom, and eco-friendly kitchen products make for an eco kitchen, which is the first step on the way to a greener home. So we've got lots of ideas for your kitchen and bathroom, helping you to choose the right bathroom ware and kitchen items, thereby creating eco-friendly, beautifully decorated rooms.

So before we share some of our ideas for bathrooms and kitchens which will hopefully inspire you to try some eco-friendly decorating; we want to give you a bit more information about how welcoming a little bamboo into your home will not only lend it a simple and natural elegance, it will benefit the environment at the same time.

A few facts


Fast growing bamboo

Bamboo is technically a kind of grass, and it grows like grass- sometimes up to three or four feet in one day. This means that there's lots of it, and when it's harvested it grows itself back again quickly enough not to leave a dent in the eco-system.

Absorbs CO2

Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases, and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees.

Little waste

What can't be used for furniture or home accessories can be used as a soil-enricher. Moreover, bamboo roots remain in place after harvesting, thereby preventing soil erosion and retaining nutrients for the next crop. What often happens when trees are cut down for wood is that the stumps are burned, then the soil erodes, clogs rivers and affects the lives of those further downstream. So bamboo bathroom ware and kitchen goods are guilt-free purchases; you, as the consumer, can rest assured in the knowledge that your home decorations will not impact upon the homes of others. Bamboo cut

Chemically untouched

Unlike cotton, bamboo does not need to be doused in agricultural chemicals to thrive. It doesn't need pesticides or herbicides. It is completely natural. And who wouldn't rather have a natural and non-toxic material in their kitchen and bathroom than something chemically-treated?

So bamboo is the perfect material for kitchen items; when using kitchen products made from bamboo you can rest assured that there are no nasty chemicals coming into contact with your food. A bamboo accessory, therefore, could make a great kitchen gift for a health-conscious, organic-food-cooking friend.


And if you're looking for some bathroom ideas to lighten and brighten up the room, choose bamboo for a safe, green and stylish material. Its chemically untouched status makes it well-suited to the bathroom, too; it's a hygienic material to store your bath set in, and your commitment to chemical-free soaps and shampoos can be extended to furniture and bathroom accessories, too.

Job provision

Bamboo mostly grows in Asia, but it is a highly adaptable plant and can also thrive in South America, sub-saharan Africa and the United States. Wherever it grows, it is vital to the local economy and to the local culture: it is used for cooking, household accessories and furniture, for paper and even for bridges. In China, bamboo is known as 'the friend of the people'. Bamboo cutter

Surprising strength

As if its eco-friendly credentials weren't enough, bamboo is also much stronger than it looks. In fact, it is a whopping 34% harder than white oak, and 2.5. times more stable than commonly used wood. And to add to its natural strength, all of our bamboo planks are treated with intense heat and pressure, giving it a resistance to water, mildew, fire, and those pesky little insects. Here's a table explaining how bamboo compares to other woods when it comes to strength and resistance to water (for those of you who like to see numbers and figures):

Characteristics of Bamboo

And Finoak products are made exclusively from bamboo which has been growing for 3-5 years and so has reached maturity.nThat way we can be sure of its rigidity, tenacity and moisture resistance.

Natural beauty

The look of bamboo in your home is simple and elegant. It isn't fussy or dramatic; it's quiet and understated. The distinct grain pattern of bamboo is unique, but will complement any decor without overwhelming the room. And best of all it's totally natural. Bamboo brings the beauty of nature into your home without exacting the cost of damage to the environment. Our products are made in one of two hues: natural, or carbonised for a smooth matte finish.

Bamboo at home

Let's get historical

Bamboo has been used for cooking and for cultural activities for over 5000 years. You see, bamboo kitchen goods are no new idea. That bamboo tea box you've got in your kitchen writes you into a history that spans millennia and unites continents. And it looks pretty good, too.

Happy Shopping

Ok, so that's a lot of information. But we know that you want to know what you're buying, and how it affects the environment. We all want to be greener, more responsible shoppers, and with bamboo products from Finoak, you can rest assured that your home will be filled with naturally beautiful, super-eco-friendly things.

Have a browse through our bamboo bathroom ware and kitchen ideas and, before you know it, you'll have both an eco bathroom and an eco kitchen in no time, and with very little effort spent.