Style of the Office & Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Office is face of the company. Therefore, everything is important to consider - the look of the building, its location and the interiors most of all.

Many managers believe that a standard office environment should include a table, a chair and a computer. They prefer to save on quality furniture and its arrangement and just set huge desks along the walls and in the corners. However, the arrangement of the workplace influence not only the quality of work being done by the staff but the way clients and partners treat your organisation.

Remember that you should create an environment in which office staff could work comfortably and feel at home; the customers could feel that you are always happy to them, and the partners could see they you are worth working with.


Office in the American style: large rooms divided into work places for each worker with thin-walled partitions not reaching the ceiling. An employee can focus on the job in such a "room", and won’t interfere with other employees.

Office in the Asian style: a refined interior with special rooms for negotiations, with a round table in the middle. Such a table, according to psychologists, facilitates communication.

German style: functional arrangement of all the details of the workplace. All the office furniture is practical, functional and ergonomic. There is nothing superfluous. But they like to add bright colours in the interior to make the environment more comfortable and attractive. Some decor elements are acceptable like wall paintings, decorative flowers and more.


The workplace should be well lit, clean and ventilated. It should not be less than 1.5 to 1.6 m, and the space between the tables – at least half a meter.

The way your workplace looks can really tell a lot about who you are to your boss and clients:

A clean and well organized workplace suggests that you are reliable and punctual person. Such people, statistically, are more conscientious and focused on solving specific problems. They also definitively plan their work and always follow the terms of which they were given.

So if your work is connected with accuracy and stability, you should keep your workplace well-organised, so that nobody could associate the mess on your worktop with a mess in your head.

Remember, that a messy table is taken in well only if your job is about the art, creation and invention.

Unusual things on the table suggest that you a creative person and are open to new opportunities. People with unusual items on the tables, tend to be more open to new ideas, and generally more creative in comparison with other people.

Advertising agencies, or (for example) start-ups associated with high technology are usually looking for creative people and are encouraging their employees to express their individuality, in arranging their workplace as well.

Style of office accessories

People use desk tidies in order to avoid heaps of papers, pens and other accessories on their desktop. Now we have a wide variety of office organisers to choose from, but which ones would you prefer?

Metal office supplies

Metallic items and surfaces usually look and feel quite cold and serious. They may look expensive, looking as if being made of silver, but if you receive visitors, they may look not very appealing. However expensive and beautiful they may look, the problem about them is that you always have to keep them shiny, and it’s quite hard, taking into account the fact that you cannot avoid touching them…

Wooden office supplies

Wood is a decent and naturally beautiful material, having a smooth or rough surface, it looks really attractive. Though usually things made of wood can be quite massive and less elegant than those shaped of metal, naturalness is the key feature which excuses all flaws.

Bamboo office supplies

Nowadays there is a new popular material – bamboo, which looks like wood, but actually is grass. It’s lighter, brighter and more elegant than wood. What’s more important – it’s much greener and got high eco-status due to its amazing growth-rate and other reason, about which you may read in the article Why we use bamboo.

So having bamboo accessories in the office will show your business as modern and globally-oriented.

Leather office supplies

Leather looks great and serious and really expensive, especially if it’s dark. And it’s softer (to touch and to perception) than metal or wood. But, unfortunately, it’s easily worn-out - scratches and dents make it look untidy.

And you know, in the modern world of different opinions and morals, natural leather would be a point of discussion of vegetarians and environmentalists… So if you deal with a lot of people and customers, think twice of using leather…

Plastic office supplies

Well, plastic is cheap and it’s a good opportunity to save money. But it looks cheap too, not a good choice for a serious office, rather for the pupil’s table…