Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Part 1. Declutter Kitchen: A Guide

Space and storage: time for some creative thinking

You may not have many cupboards, and we all feel like we don't have enough, but there are things you can do to maximise space within the cupboards you do have. Once you've thrown out unnecessary and broken things, you can start to think about how to maximise kitchen storage space. Buy storage accessories, invest in some organizers, mount some kitchen shelves to free up space on the counters and in cupboards. Make use of shelf extenders and drawer dividers and drawer inserts.

Think upwards: make the use of vertical space in the cupboard. You could also mount a basket or storage rack on the inside of a cupboard door. Be creative in your use of space. Hang things, stack things, attach things to doors: make use of all the space you have.

Decorations: limit fridge magnets, as they can make the space look cluttered. Have a neat notice board which you check every few weeks to make sure it isn't full of irrelevant, age-old notes about parties that have already been thrown and weddings of couples now celebrating their third or fourth anniversary. Try to buy storage accessories in the same style, it will make the room seem cleaner and bigger.

Designate kitchen zones: this is where we cook, this is where we eat, this is where we do our homework. Then you can arrange your kitchen accessories, furniture, storage racks and appliances accordingly, so that things don't get confused and cluttered.

Finoak Products

Now that you've cleared and reorganised the space, it's time to choose a few kitchen organizers and accessories. Take a look at our kitchen products; from drawer dividers and inserts, cupboard organizers and corner shelf, we've got space-saving, streamlining and eco-friendly style products to help you on your de-cluttering mission.

If you need a morning caffeine kick, have a look at our coffee cup stacker and our bamboo tea box. The tea boxes allow you to move tea bags from individual boxes and bags into a stylish container: a time-saver and, at the same time, aesthetically pleasing.

Organizing your drawers is just as important as sorting the cupboards and surfaces of your kitchen. A simple drawer organiser will keep the drawer neat and tidy so that you can find what you need quickly and easily. With our expandable drawer organiser you'll never need to empty everything out just to find that pesky potato peeler ever again.

Another simple idea for your kitchen is to invest in a couple of kitchen racks. This bamboo stacker allows you to store vertically, making use of the space in your cupboards or (if you have to) on top of the counters. And its clever design means that you can store items in rows, one behind the other, whilst still being able to see everything all at once. It acts as a storage rack but also looks neat and stylish. And it will save you putting up another kitchen shelf to make more room.

And if after trying all of our handy storage ideas, if after investing in drawer inserts and cupboard organisers and storage racks and shelves you still need to put some thing on your counters, then at least make sure you store them in good-looking accessories. Take this set of two plate racks, a ready-made shelf that sits unobtrusively on your counter-top. And being made from bamboo, it couldn't be greener.

A Couple of Quick Tips

  • Carrier bags: if tie a knot in them, they are made instantly more manageable. Then hang them in a fabric bag which hangs from a hook inside a cupboard. Done.
  • Get into the habit of winding the cord round the appliance before putting it in the cupboard. Again, small ideas like these can transform your kitchen.

Happy Organizing

We hope we've set you on your way to a happy, tidy kitchen clear of clutter and mess. Ok so it may seem like a big job, but it's also an opportunity to make your kitchen a place you're proud to cook for people in; whether it's your family, your housemates, or the friends you've invited round for a catch-up round a clean and clear kitchen table.