How to pack a travel bag?

Waterproof Travel Bag

Pack what you need only

Less means lighter. The situation is always the same: first you are afraid that you'll lack something in your trip, but then during a trip you think that you should have taken much less... Think twice what you are really going to use and what you will be able to find at your destination place. You shouldn't forget that on the way back you will have more things than you had on the way to... Keep this in mind in order to avoid lack of space for purchases and excess weight at the airport!

Successful packing includes 3 main points to consider:

  1. Lightness of the luggage
  2. Utility of contents
  3. Right packing of things

To pack or not to pack

The most necessary & precious things you are likely to take:

Documents (Passport, ID, driving licence), money/credit cards, cell phone, photo and video cams, notebook, etc.

Take the clothes:

  • for the days of arrival and departure;
  • for wearing at home or in the hotel;
  • which do not require ironing
  • suitable to weather conditions

Don't take

  • heavy accessories like massive jewellery and bijouterie, belts with figured buckles, big handbags or purses, etc;
  • more than 3 pairs of shoes;
  • expensive jewellery or watch;
  • soap and shower gel - any hotel suggests you these options;

The bottom of the bag

Always put heavier and larger items at the bottom of the suitcase (for example, shoes, jeans, toiletries). This way they won't crumple any other clothes or crush any fragile things. The same rule is about things you aren't going to use soon, for example, spare clothes.

The top of the bag

Put all necessary things and things you're going to use first on top in your bag. You wouldn't like digging and turning up all the things in your bag to get what you need.

Shoes and small items in bags

Put your shoes in the bag or wrap with paper - no matter how thoroughly you wash your shoes, it's not very hygienic to let the sole touch your clothes or underwear. Use bags to store small accessories, jewellery and small clothes like underwear and socks, thus you won't lose them among other clothes and they will remain clean. Using bags of different colours could be a great idea to help you later find right things quickly.

Distribute weight evenly

Usually travel bags are rectangular, ensure that one side does not overbalance another one.

Folding or Rolling?

Roll your clothes if you need more space and don't care about the weight. Close all zippers and buttons, cross the arms of your shirts over the centre of the garment and fold the item in half lengthwise, then roll the clothes tightly (so they wouldn't unroll in the bag) and be attentive not to roll in any wrinkles, if you do it with care, probably, you will not need to iron things later.

If you want to reduce weight, better fold your clothes, to avoid wrinkles, try to fold along natural seams.

A couple of storage ideas

The inside of your shoes can be a nice storage option for socks, rolled ties or belts, scarves, cravats, etc.

Gaps & creases are great to put your underwear and socks in if the case is full.