Ceramic Scissors

Ceramic Scissors
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  • Ceramic scissors
    These Scissors feature advanced white ceramic blades which deliver long-lasting sharpness and are precisely aligned, achieving clean, straight cuts.
    sharp scissors
    Ceramic material itself is zirconium oxide. Such material and appropriate technologies allow to achieve scissors with the finest characteristics: hardness, low weight, high durability, stain resistance and chemical inertness. Read about pros & cons
    Herbs scissors
    Their high durability allows to use these scissors for moisture-prone environments such as the kitchen, garden, boat etc.
    Office scissors, paper scissors
    A useful tool for cutting paper or any other house or office files.
    Culinary gift
    The scissors was exclusively made by Quentons for Joy Lands company and comes in an elegant box, making this a perfect culinary gift.
    How to handle ceramic knives
    Ceramic scissors must be handled with care and stored safely. It means they must be stored separately from other scissors, knives or any other items. Do not use them in cutting hard materials, otherwise they can become blunt or even crack!
    Eco-friendly ceramic
    Our ceramic products are made from biodegradable and natural materials. We have chosen to sell ceramic knives because we care about the environment and the manufacturing process is less harmful in comparison to other materials.
    Ceramic Scissors
  • Ceramic scissors
    Ceramic kitchen scissors
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£9.99 + £1.30 Delivery